Stay In Antara Residence

There are many options available for all, from a simple homestay to a luxurious stay. On the other hand, you have to follow certain Terms & Conditions. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to safeguard the value of the homestay, as well as the neighborhood and prospective tenants’ comfort. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us


I. Payment and Security Deposit

1. You need to make a full payment along with a security deposit.

2. The booking deposit and security deposit will be returned after the management checks that there is no damage or loss of assets and that the cleanliness of the facility is maintained.

3. The deposit will be deducted, or other additional charges will be imposed according to the value of the damaged asset or the violation of the established rules.

II. Date Amendment and Cancellation

1. If any booking cancellation or date change is made less than 48 hours from the check-in time, then the booking deposit will be deducted as a management charge.

2. Customers can amend the date without any charge within a period of 48 hours from the check-in date. (based on availability)

III. Check-In & Check-Out (Check-In & Check-Out)

1. Check-in time is at 2.00 p.m.

2. Check-out at 12:00 noon.

3. Additional overtime charges: 12.30 p.m.–1.30 p.m.

The purpose of the charge is not to interfere with the homestay setup for potential future tenants.

IV. Kitchen facilities

The kitchen is cleaned after use.

V. Number of Occupants

Maximum number of occupants: 5 people.

VI. Parking

  1. Use designated parking spaces. Parking is prohibited on neighboring lots.
  2. Vehicle safety is your own responsibility. We will not be responsible if any form of loss occurs.
  3. If there is a second vehicle, please register as a guest at the security booth. The security guard will determine the parking lot for the second vehicle.

VII. Occupant Safety

  1. The safety of all residents is their own responsibility.
  2. We are not responsible for loss, theft, injury, or death before, during, or after staying here.

VIII. Facilities and Equipment in Level 6

1. Swimming Pool Usage Time in Level 6: 7.00 a.m.–10.00 p.m.
A dressing room is available.

2. Surau and hall in level 6.

3. The gym is on level 6.

4. Use of the BBQ space is limited. Please inform us within 48 hours before check-in so that we can make a reservation with the building management.

IX. Strict Prohibition

1. It is not allowed to interfere with men and women who are not muhrim (those who are not family members). We can make a report to the required party and cancel the reservation if this rule is violated.

2. It is not allowed to bring liquor or any kind of illegal drug.

3. It is not allowed to cook or bring non-halal food into the house.

4. It is not allowed to commit any form of offense according to the laws of the country.

5. A report to the authorities will be made if the management receives a complaint with evidence of wrongdoing.

6. It is not allowed to bring pets to the house or any area inside Residence Antara.

7. Smoking is not allowed inside the house. Deposit payments will be deducted so that we can carry out the process of cleaning the smell of cigarettes.

8. Please maintain good manners and respect other neighbors.

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to safeguard the value of the homestay, as well as the neighborhood and prospective tenants’ comfort.